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Post  Firebelle_uk on Thu May 28, 2009 6:48 pm

Not sure where to put this so please move it if you wish. I wondered if everyone on here had tried to claim DLA etc, as it all seems like a bit of a postcode lottery, and I have often met people who did not realise you could even claim if you are under 16, so I thought it might be a useful thing to bring to peoples attention.
If you get DLA ath the middle or higher rate the person who cares for you might also be able to get Carer's allowance.
You can get additional payments as a student,
Working tax credits, if you work.
....... and several other forms of assistance like a disbaled pass in sports centres so a carer goes free.

All very worth having.



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Re: Benefits....

Post  rsdteen on Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:56 pm

Hi Verena,

Interesting thread - thank you for starting!

I get DLA for my RSD. We didn't know about it at first - we only found out about it as my mum works for the youth service and her boss told her about it. I am on full rate mobility/DLA as I can't walk well at all and often use a wheelchair. I don't think my mum gets that much carers allowance, i'm not sure, i'll have to ask her.

We got DLA straight away more or less when we found out about it. We just took the forms to my GP and Pain Management Doctor and they filled them in straight away and sent them off.

I have a disability car also that my mum got for me as there wasn't enough room in our old car and I can't bend my knee well at all so needed plenty of leg room.

The DLA really helps. You don't get a lot of money but every little bit counts, especially when you are having to spend so much money on fuel to go to hospital appts etc

Thank you for bringing this up. I will try and set a section up for Benefits as i'm sure it will help someone, especially as the forum grows.

I hope all is well with you!!


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