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Weekend Break

Post  rsdteen on Sun Apr 26, 2009 11:36 pm

Hi everyone,

Me and my mum have been on a much needed weekend break this weekend! We have been to the South of England to see my grandad and his wife. They live in Spain which is a 3 hour plane journey from us so we only see them twice a year at the moment so it was nice to see them! They have come to England for a bi to stay with my grandads wifes parents as they are ill.

We have been wanting to go to the South for ages but never really got round to it. It is really beautiful and has lots of amazing scenery! My grandad took us a ride in the car through the New Forest (a woodland area) and there was horse, cows, sheep, ponies etc walking freely down the middle of the road!! You would think that they would be scared of the traffic but they weren't at all and I think they enjoyed it also! We had to be really careful and drive slowly as sometimes you couldn't see the horses until the last minute.

We stayed in a lovely B&B. It was a thatched cottage and was really comfortable and spacious! The bedroom was the die for - it was really big and had wooden beams coming from the ceilings!! The people that owned the B&B were really nice and friendly and helped us out with quite a few things.

Yesterday, we went to a zoo called Monkey World. It was really good and has all types of varieties of monkeys their. We expected it to be tiny but it was really big. They rescue the monkies and some of them had been really neglected and the keepers at the zoo got them back to good health again! They do lots of really good conservation work and really take good care of the animals and provide them with lots of space.

Today, we went to a small town which has lots of pretty little craft stores. The town that we went to is where witches are originally from so had lots of little shops about witch craft etc. It was interesting to walk round and had lots of different things that we have never seen before. We also went to another place where there was a museum that was all about building boats and the fights between the vikings etc that was really interesting.

We had a lovely Thai meal yesterday. I have never had Thai before but it was lovely. It took the waitress ages to bring the food to us (over an hour!) but it was definitiely worth it and was pretty cheap!!!

It was lovely to spend some time with my grandad and his wife. They could tell when I had had enough also which was nice as they took things steady and I could sit down and rest whenever I needed to. Most of my family members don't understand RSD at all so it was really nice to have someone that understood and was interested!!

I'm paying for the trip now but it was really worth it and was much needed! We are going to see my grandad in August where they live so they said that they would come over here also! Hopefully, we will be able to go again as there is so much to see and do - you'd need to stay a very long time to see it all!!

I hope all is well with you!


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